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"Led Condom"
(Laird, Ritchey, Kinner)

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Led Condom
That heavy condom
Led Condom condom
That heavy condom


It's a condom that's made of led
It would hurt if it fell on your hed
Use a Led Condom in your bed
and refrain from use on someone who is ded.

You can use a Led Condom to kill a hick
Put the Led Condom on your dick
It really isn't any big trick
Use spermicidal jelly to make it slick. (slick!)


It's a condom that's about this long
We will tell you when you use it wrong
Use a Led Condom when you hear this song
And don't put beer in your water bong.

Yes, I am the flouncing mok
You can store a Led Condom in your sock
Hook up electrodes to get a shock
I wouldn't fuck you with another man's cock.


Gonna piss on you, so wish me luck
Don't eat my face, that would suck
You know two wrongs don't make a duck
Ask me if I give a fuck.



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