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"Fight for your Right/Led Condom"
(Laird, Ritchey, Kinner)

fightpigs.gif (6070 bytes)You wake up late for school and you jump in your car
You drive real fast and you drive real far
You're doin' 85 and a cop pulls you over
He walks up to you and says "Hey, are you sober?"

You've gotta fight
For your right
To kill pigs.

ledcondom.gif (6264 bytes)[Chorus]:
Led Condom
That heavy condom
Led Condom condom
That heavy condom


It's a condom that's made of led
It would hurt if it fell on your hed
Use a Led Condom in your bed
and refrain from use on someone who is ded.

You can use a Led Condom to kill a hick
Put the Led Condom on your dick
It really isn't any big trick
Use spermicidal jelly to make it slick. (slick!)


It's a condom that's about this long
We will tell you when you use it wrong
Use a Led Condom when you hear this song
And don't put beer in your water bong.

Yes, I am the flouncing mok
You can store a Led Condom in your sock
Hook up electrodes to get a shock
I wouldn't fuck you with another man's cock.


Gonna piss on you, so wish me luck
Don't eat my face, that would suck
You know two wrongs don't make a duck
Ask me if I give a fuck.



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